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The 27th chapter of the United States Bartenders' Guild, in Tucson, AZ--the artistic hub of the Southwest

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The United States Bartenders' Guild


The United States Bartenders’ Guild is an organization of beverage service professionals dedicated to the continued refinement of our craft. Such refinement is achieved through advanced product education; original hand crafted cocktail competitions; and aggressive involvement with other professionals in the beverage industry throughout the country and internationally. It is our intention, desire and main focus to become the most skilled, knowledgeable and professional group of bartenders in the industry.

Upcoming Events



May 29, 7-10pm

Saint Charles Tavern

Come learn about Texas's own Garrison Brothers Bourbon!
GB uses food-grade corn and a standardized mash bill to create all its bold, tasty bourbons. Come meet Shane Merriam the Bourbon Provocateur and learn about the first legal bourbon outside of Kentucky since prohibition!

We will also be sharing more details about the Garrison Brothers USBG Bourbon Immersion tour happening this June! 

Stay tuned for more details!


June 3, 7-10pm

Roadhouse Cinemas

Join us for a social hour with punches provided by Brown-Foreman and Slane and Glendronach tastings for industry folks, then a private screening of a movie for our group (movie TBA)!


June 11-13

Garrison Brothers Distillery, Hye, TX

A select few USBG Tucson members will be joining the GB crew to bottle, taste, compete, and savor Texas's first legal bourbon since prohibition.


June 25, 9am

Casa Maria - 352 E 22nd

Join us for our annual Campari day of Service, as we prep and distribute lunches for the homeless community in Tucson.

Bartender Spotlight



Shaq is a returning USBG member and a friendly neighborhood bartender. Read on, then go visit her at Playground and the Rialto!

My history in the industry started as a medical student in the Physiology Dept at UofA on my GI  Bill.  I lived at the Cadence when I moved from Phoenix to Tucson, and I wanted a part time job that would be flexible with my school hours.  World of Beer was opening and I thought I'd be great to be bartender some day (the Tom Cruise thing in Cocktail) having never done it before. I worked my way up from a server, to a bartender to bar manager. After learning the Craft Beer world, I moved over to Highwire lounge, learning classic craft cocktails to craft cocktails using gastronomy techniques. I work at Rialto Theatre serving beer, wine and if I have it I can make it style drinks as well as currently at Playground Bar & Lounge where I can use high volume skills to creating well balanced cocktails during our happy hour.

My favorite part about my job at Playground is that because it's such a diverse establishment, i'm able to work events, work late night pumping out drinks at a blazing pace to having casual conversations and learning about people in the community during our happy hour and weekday evening times.   My guilty pleasure cocktail is a good dirty Vodkatini with stuffed blue cheese olives. When I was younger I one day wanted to enjoy a martini like the sophisticated women I would see on TV, drinking their martini and having a cigarette.  It's classic, salty and good.  While fastly approaching 40, it seems fitting since I have no taste buds left.  My favorite thing about USBG has been the ability to bring various members in the service industry together to learn and grow from one another while acknowledging each others strengths as well as supporting our weaknesses.   One ridiculous story....honestly I'm old and I can't recall one. The only one I could really think of is when I was working a show at rialto and a girl asked for diet beer.     Girl: " Do you have a light beer?"    Me:  "Sure we have bud light, would you like one?"    Girl: " Is it light?"    Me: "Yes it's light. It's a bud light"    Girl: "Is it like diet?"    Me: Stares blankly, blink blink


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